You Can Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions can be completed. Yes even that one.

1. Sometimes just thinking about New Year’s resolutions is too much.

Once you know a year is 525,600 minutes, it just seems like forever.

2. Because food is delicious.

And all the amazing holiday food has really confirmed that.

3. Exercise is hard.

And it’s waaaay too cold to move anyways.

4. And being more friendly and outgoing just sounds exhausting.

5. But you can keep your resolutions; you just have to get in the right mind-set.

6. Remember, there are plenty of people who have kept their New Year’s resolutions.

7. They finally left their unsatisfying job.

10. And put a dent in their reading list. You can do it too! You just need to take the right steps.

11. Put some inspiring quotes where you can see them.

If they’re written on majestic nature-scapes, even better.

12. Enlist the help of a friend (or Internet penguin) to cheer you on.

Playing “Eye of the Tiger” on a loop can also work.

13. Or, even better, get a friend to meet some of your goals with you.

Because what’s the use of watching AFI’s top 100 films if you don’t have anyone to discuss them with?

14. Don’t look for loopholes.

Cheating the system will not help you this time.

15. Be patient. Don’t expect your life to change overnight.

Putting 20 minutes in on the treadmill on Jan. 1 will not get you marathon-ready.

16. Try not to fall back on old habits.

17. Don’t look for the easy way out.

Vowing to re-watch every episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air doesn’t count as a resolution either.

18. Avoid temptation.

Run past it!

19. And focus on how accomplished you’ll feel if you make it.

20. You’ve totally got this.

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