What Movie Do You Still Own On VHS?

The movie that you don’t mind rewinding. Over and over again.

1. Did you buy it at a tag sale?

ID: 704139

2. An Ebay auction?

ID: 704123

3. A Blockbuster clearance sale?

ID: 703990

4. Does it have a fancy clamshell box?

ID: 704015

5. Or a cardboard sleeve?

ID: 704053

6. Did you record it off TV?

ID: 704109

7. Does it have a place on your bookshelf?

ID: 704084

8. Or do you dig it out of storage for special occasions?

ID: 704220

9. Leave the title (or picture) of the VHS you’ve held onto in the comments.

If you still have all the cassettes, leave your favorite!

ID: 704169

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