So, It’s Sunday Night

Monday morning is coming. *Jaws theme song*

1. You’ve had a good weekend, right?

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3. Rested Up For the Week?

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4. Got rid of all the work week’s stress?

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5. Great! Because tomorrow……

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6. Is Monday

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7. No sleeping in tomorrow.

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8. You’ll need to get up while it’s still dark out.

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9. See these delicious pancakes?

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10. You won’t have time for them tomorrow.

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11. Remember how awesome it was to hang out in your pjs this morning?

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12. Tomorrow you’ll be wearing work clothes by 7.

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13. Today you had all the time in the world to watch cat videos.

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14. Tomorrow all you’ll have time for is this.

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15. But it’s not quite here yet. You have time. Watch some “Homeland.”

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16. Have a light snack.

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17. Lay out your clothes for tomorrow.

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18. Pack your lunch.

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19. You’re totally ready for bed now.

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20. And when you open your eyes, it’ll be Monday.

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21. Time to just accept it

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22. And look on the bright side

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24. Only four days until….

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