Everything On Your Childhood Wish List Is Available On eBay

You might have bills to pay, but you need to get that bouncy castle.

1. You could put a dent in your student loans….

2. Or you could fall asleep by the glow of a Frutopia vending machine!

3. You could send in a car payment…

4. Or you could watch TV sitting on your very own pony!

5. You could pay off one of your credit cards…

6. Or you could get ALL THE GUMBALLS!

7. You could pay this month’s rent…

8. Or you could play skee ball from your couch!

9. You could start a savings account…

10. Or you could guarantee you get exactly the stuffed animal you wanted!

11. You could pay your insurance bill…

12. Or you could dominate Pac-man in your underwear!

13. You could get life insurance…

14. Or you could stick your face directly under an ice cream spout whenever you want!

15. You could do some home improvements…

16. Or you could have homemade cotton candy for dessert every night!

17. You could buy some stocks…

18. Or you could jump high enough to touch the stars, or at least the shorter tree!

19. You could apply for a job…

20. Or you could buy an ice cream truck and see what happens!

21. In the end, you’re deciding what kind of adult you want to be, boring…

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