An Ode To The Computer Lab

The best part of any fifth grader’s day.

It’s computer lab time!

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You raced to get the least sticky mouse.

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Then took a minute to get out of the screen saver’s trance.

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And settled into one hour of pencil-free technological bliss.

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Your teacher had you start with Mavis Beacon. You always picked games over lessons.

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You never used the right fingers, but Ms Beacon couldn’t tell.

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But when you were ready for really intense learning, it was time for Number Muncher.

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There was no better motivation to get the right answer then getting those frogs to smile.

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If you were feeling really ambitious you could attempt world domination with Civilization.

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Or if you’re feeling less ambitious, Sim City

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If it was taking forever to load..

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You could always take out a worksheet.

ID: 787469

Or you could just grab Kid Pix and show off your amazing artistic ability.

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Even if you didn’t get to the Kid Pix disk in time, you could always doodle with Microsoft Paint.

ID: 783973

Or play around with Word Art, because everything is better in block rainbow letters.

ID: 787314

When the teacher’s wasn’t looking, you snuck online.

ID: 784835

Or pulled up all the secrets you stored on your floppy disk.

ID: 786939

When you heard the teacher’s footsteps, you put in Oregon Trail.

ID: 785454

Or the less exciting Amazon Trail.

ID: 783991

Not as good as Oregon Trail, but the characters did have some pretty great backstories.

ID: 784693

Then there was just enough time to start a very important Power Point presentation (including plenty of transition effects)…

ID: 787378

And play a quick game of Frogger. All in all a successful day in the computer lab.

ID: 785526

Because you were still too young to realize what it was really teaching you.

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