A Tribute To “The Karate Kid”

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1. Just to be clear, the 2010 remake does not deserve a tribute.

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2. This is the karate kid.

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3. This is an imposter.

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4. Because the movie is nothing without Mr. Miyagi.

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5. Pat Morita was nominated for an Oscar for his performance. Not surprising.

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6. Mr. Miyagi was, after all, a total badass.

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7. A sassy badass.

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8. With a Martha Stewart side.

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9. Who convinced a generation of kids the key to becoming a karate master…

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10. was to do a lot of chores.

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11. Even if you’ve seen it a hundred times, it’s a movie worth re-watching, especially if you have new things to look for.

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12. See that pained look on Daniel-sans’ face? One of the skeleton’s kicks connected unintentionally, so Ralph Machio didn’t have to fake it.

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13. They look like the world’s cutest seventh-grade couple, but Elizabeth Shue and Ralph Machio were both in their twenties during filming.

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14. Ralph Machio got to keep that yellow car as a gift from the producer.

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15. And the famed crane technique, while awesome, was made up, taking elements from a few karate stances.

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16. Plus, there are so many “Karate Kid” moments that don’t get old. Like the heckling from this guy.

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17. The bizare cutoff sweats that made up their gym uniforms.

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18. Doing karate on a canoe.

ID: 806576

19. When Mr. Miyagi is undaunted by this guy.

ID: 807074

20. Shouting “bonsai!”

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21. And no matter how many times you watch it, every time Daniel’s foot connects with Johnny’s face, you have the same reaction.

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23. So practice your crane technique.

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24. Dig out your “Karate Kid” action figures.

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25. And bask in the glow of the Miyagi meaningful nod of approval.

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