22 Ice Cream Treats To Celebrate The Last Day Of Summer

Tomorrow is the official start of fall. Plan your night accordingly.

1. You could spoon ice cream between two cookies and roll the edges in chocolate chips…..

ID: 599056

2. Or you could buy something pre-made on a stick.

ID: 599013

3. Maybe spread ice cream between some chocolate chip waffles?

ID: 599066

4. Of just dig into your freezer until you find something on a stick.

ID: 599027

5. Impress your friends with a selection of whimsically shaped wafflewiches with sprinkle detailing!

ID: 599075

6. Or offer them something on a stick.

ID: 599040

7. You don’t need ice cream, you need ice cream between doughnuts dipped in chocolate!

ID: 599155

8. Or portion controlled, still chocolate dipped ice cream on a stick.

ID: 599082

9. Spoon organic berries over all natural vanilla frozen yogurt.

ID: 599418

10. Or enjoy something completely artificial on a stick.

ID: 599141

11. Some ice cream on sticks are chocolately…

ID: 599479

12. Some are fruity….

ID: 599132

13. This one is so happy to see you!

ID: 599099

14. This thing one looks like a magical patriotic unicorn horn!

ID: 599485

15. This one is already claimed, but that’s ok, there are so many more out there!

ID: 599539

16. If you can’t find ice cream on a stick, you can always go with ice cream cones

ID: 599566

17. You can make ice cream cones that match your old baby blankets.

ID: 599513

18. Ice cream cones cornucopias

ID: 599523

19. Skyscraper cones

ID: 599556

20. Ice cream cone bouquets

ID: 599560

21. Sprinkle drenched cones

ID: 599572

22. A tiny ice cream cone!

ID: 599592

Perfect for the last day of summer, because tomorrow you’ll need room for these:

ID: 599603

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