19 Dogs Who Are Worried About The Apocalypse

They aren’t buying that leap year thing.

1. It does seem like there’s been a lot of natural disasters this year…

ID: 697407

2. And Dick Clark can’t ring in the New Year…

ID: 742214

3. And people keep talking about that fiscal cliff…

ID: 742433

4. The world is definitely going to end.

ID: 742169

5. The end is coming too soon!

ID: 697411

6. What if it’s a zombie apocalypse?

ID: 697416

7. What if it’s just like “The Day After Tomorrow?”

ID: 697443

8. Or “2012?”

ID: 733407

9. Or “I Am Legend?”

ID: 733443

10. What if I make it, but my human doesn’t?

ID: 742024

11. I’m not going to hide, I’m just taking some precautions.

ID: 741972

12. I need to mentally prepare myself.

ID: 742013

13. It’s just, the winter finale of my favorite show was such a cliffhanger, the world can’t end before I find out what happens!

ID: 742054

14. There are so many things I still want to do.

ID: 742061

15. What if this is my last Christmas?

ID: 742071

16. You’re sure the Mayans just ran out of space on their calendar?

ID: 742035

17. And they didn’t know about leap years, so it actually was suppose to happen years ago?

ID: 742275

18. I think it’s going to be ok. No really, I’m not scared anymore.

ID: 742084

19. Ok, I lied. You’ll protect me, right?

ID: 742098

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