19 Dogs Who Are Worried About The Apocalypse

They aren’t buying that leap year thing.

1. It does seem like there’s been a lot of natural disasters this year…

2. And Dick Clark can’t ring in the New Year…

3. And people keep talking about that fiscal cliff…

4. The world is definitely going to end.

5. The end is coming too soon!

6. What if it’s a zombie apocalypse?

7. What if it’s just like “The Day After Tomorrow?”

9. Or “I Am Legend?”

10. What if I make it, but my human doesn’t?

11. I’m not going to hide, I’m just taking some precautions.

12. I need to mentally prepare myself.

13. It’s just, the winter finale of my favorite show was such a cliffhanger, the world can’t end before I find out what happens!

14. There are so many things I still want to do.

15. What if this is my last Christmas?

16. You’re sure the Mayans just ran out of space on their calendar?

17. And they didn’t know about leap years, so it actually was suppose to happen years ago?

18. I think it’s going to be ok. No really, I’m not scared anymore.

19. Ok, I lied. You’ll protect me, right?

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