17 Reasons 2002 Was The Best Year To Dream Big

It was a year when anything seemed possible.

1. Because in 2001 Harry Potter was living under the stairs…

And in 2002 he was slaying a monster.

2. Because in 2001 you were listening to half a song on hit clips…

And in 2002 you could have a ton of full-length songs on an iPod.

3. Because in 2001 Kelly Clarkson was a waitress…

Harold Cunningham / Getty Images

And in 2002 she was the first American Idol.

4. Because in 2001 Tobey Mcguire was the voice of a beagle…

And in 2002 he was Spiderman.

5. Because in 2001 you could only wish for a full life makeover…

And in 2002 MTV would give you one.

6. Because in 2001 old sneakers were just a fashion choice…

And in 2002 they could make you into Michael Jordan.

7. Because in 2001 you had to pretend brown properly completed your M&M rainbow…

And in 2002 you had purple M&Ms.

8. Because in 2001 you could only imagine what the Osbournes did all day…

Yuri Arcurs

9. Because in 2001, you only got 30-minute episodes of “Hey Arnold.”

And in 2002 you got a full-length movie.

10. Because in 2001 Alicia Keys had no Grammys…

Frank Micelotta / Getty Images

And in 2002 she had all the Grammys.

Vince Bucci / Getty Images

11. Because in 2001 Nick Cannon was just another kid on “All That”…

And in 2002 he had his own show.

Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

12. Because in 2001 guys had to go to bars to pick up girls…

And in 2002, “The Bachelor” could do it for them.

13. Because 2001, you’d have to read “Tuck Everlasting” to do a book report…

And in 2002 you could just watch the movie.

14. Because in 2001 we wouldn’t even think about making a roasted duck with handmade stuffing…

And in 2002 we had the Barefoot Contesa to guide us.

15. Because in 2001 your friends and family had been whispering “I see dead people” for a full two years…

And in 2002 they had a new creepy catch phrase.

16. Because in 2001 we had to rely on Dick Wolf for our crime dramas…

And in 2002 we had “The Wire”

17. Because in 2001 you had to choose between red cherry delciousness and 300 extra calories.

And in 2002 you didn’t have to choose.

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