17 Reasons 2002 Was The Best Year To Dream Big

It was a year when anything seemed possible.

1. Because in 2001 Harry Potter was living under the stairs…

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And in 2002 he was slaying a monster.

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2. Because in 2001 you were listening to half a song on hit clips…

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And in 2002 you could have a ton of full-length songs on an iPod.

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3. Because in 2001 Kelly Clarkson was a waitress…

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And in 2002 she was the first American Idol.

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4. Because in 2001 Tobey Mcguire was the voice of a beagle…

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And in 2002 he was Spiderman.

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5. Because in 2001 you could only wish for a full life makeover…

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And in 2002 MTV would give you one.

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6. Because in 2001 old sneakers were just a fashion choice…

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And in 2002 they could make you into Michael Jordan.

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7. Because in 2001 you had to pretend brown properly completed your M&M rainbow…

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And in 2002 you had purple M&Ms.

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8. Because in 2001 you could only imagine what the Osbournes did all day…

Yuri Arcurs
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And in 2002, you knew.

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9. Because in 2001, you only got 30-minute episodes of “Hey Arnold.”

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And in 2002 you got a full-length movie.

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10. Because in 2001 Alicia Keys had no Grammys…

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And in 2002 she had all the Grammys.

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11. Because in 2001 Nick Cannon was just another kid on “All That”…

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And in 2002 he had his own show.

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12. Because in 2001 guys had to go to bars to pick up girls…

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And in 2002, “The Bachelor” could do it for them.

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13. Because 2001, you’d have to read “Tuck Everlasting” to do a book report…

ID: 745812

And in 2002 you could just watch the movie.

ID: 745829

14. Because in 2001 we wouldn’t even think about making a roasted duck with handmade stuffing…

ID: 748579

And in 2002 we had the Barefoot Contesa to guide us.

ID: 748572

15. Because in 2001 your friends and family had been whispering “I see dead people” for a full two years…

ID: 748677

And in 2002 they had a new creepy catch phrase.

ID: 748709

16. Because in 2001 we had to rely on Dick Wolf for our crime dramas…

ID: 749591

And in 2002 we had “The Wire”

ID: 749555

17. Because in 2001 you had to choose between red cherry delciousness and 300 extra calories.

ID: 748110

And in 2002 you didn’t have to choose.

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