17 RAs You Wish You Had In College

These resident assistants would have made your dorm life so much better.

1. The one who got creative with their door tags.

ID: 693230

2. The one who takes pride in their bulletin boards.

ID: 693237

3. The one that appreciates classic gaming.

ID: 693255

4. The one who knows how to get info out in a simple way.

ID: 698522

5. The one who knows their memes.

ID: 693258

6. The one who always lets their residents know where they are.

ID: 697128

7. The one who knows what their residents really use the computer lab for.

ID: 693233

8. The one who planned this awesome team building activity.

ID: 698485

9. The one who’s willing to overlook things during room inspections.

ID: 699827

10. The one who reminds their residents of a simpler time.

ID: 693235

11. The one who schedules floor meetings sparingly.

ID: 707670

12. The one who encourages conflict resolution between roommates.

ID: 699850

13. This one who knows how to decorate the common space on any budget.

ID: 704519

14. The one who realizes the importance of free food.

ID: 705748

15. The one who understands their residents’ need to regress.

ID: 707778

16. The one who always gives fair warning.

ID: 707816

17. And the one who isn’t afraid of puns.

ID: 707868

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