Why You Should Run A 5K

Now that it’s officially fall it’s unofficially 5k season. Don’t worry, snacks will be provided.

1. The runner’s high

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2. You can get you in shape for the zombie apocalypse

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3. Post-race beer tastes better

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4. You can break out your old dance costume

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5. You can get ahead of the holiday weight gain

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6. You think you might find yourself next to this guy

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7. You can do some family bonding

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9. You’ve always wanted to make your cape fly

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10. You’ll get an excuse to get dirty

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11. Like, really dirty

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12. You might see a celebrity

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13. If you eat while you’re running it doesn’t count

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14. Finishing will make you feel powerful

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So on race day- Don’t forget to stretch

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Take in some carbs

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And enjoy your accomplishment

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