7 Reasons Cats Would Make Great Spies

In the 1960s, there was a top-secret CIA plan to turn cats into Inspector Gadget-type spies. Implanted with radio transmitters and microphones, these kitties were meant to be sent out into situations us conspicuous humans couldn’t go. Aside from the hilarious delusion that a cat would ever take orders from a person, the CIA was definitely onto something.

1. They are masters of disguise.

“Act natural.”

ID: 1015077

“Nailed it.”

ID: 1015090

3. Able to blend in and disappear into any situation.

Like a ghost.

ID: 1014806

Sometimes a drunk ghost.

ID: 1014829

5. They are well-versed in the deadliest combat techniques, including:

Red light, green light.

ID: 1014841

Kitten kwon do.

ID: 1014938

7. They are pros at posing menacingly.


ID: 1014990

“Oh hai.”

ID: 1014992

9. They have nearly perfected “Face/Off” technology.

So close.

ID: 1015003

“I’m the Nic Cage half.”

ID: 1015093

11. They seem to be everywhere, all of the time.

“Yes, I saw you eat that cake out of the garbage and yes, I’m judging you.”

ID: 1015017

“Culottes? Really?”

ID: 1015022

13. “Vengeance” is their middle name.

“If she thinks she can just switch me to chicken flavor over turkey, she has got another thing coming.”

ID: 1015028

“Oh hey, Barry. Nothing. What’s up with you?”

ID: 1015030

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