13 Hilarious Moments On Tumblr

The blogoshpere can be a werid place, but every once in a while there’s a user that makes you shake with laughter or shout “I THOUGHT I WAS THE ONLY ONE” You’re not. You never are.

1. We weren’t expecting Van Gogh, I assure you

2. This tumblr user understands the terror of making a simple phone call

3. Good friends are hard to get

4. Truer words never spoken

5. Every time

6. *Stomach drops to floor*

7. Okay, but seriously, this seems like a huge oversight

8. It’s the small victories

9. J.K Rowling’s Alternate Ending

10. Yep. Every day.

11. So gross it’s funny

12. Can’t wait ‘till this guys finds out who Bill Murray is

can’t argue with that logic.

13. “I’m still hungry…”

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