19 Things You Can Thank Your Coach For

Wind sprints not included.

1. For not immediately resigning after everyone was like this on the first day of practice.

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2. For constantly pushing you…

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…even when you really, really didn’t feel like working.

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3. For giving you that nickname you thought would be temporary but has followed you your entire life.

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4. For having the occasional “fun” practice.

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5. For helping you get into great shape even though you had the eating habits of The Rock on a cheat day.

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6. For never being afraid to tell it like it is.

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7. For hammering home the fundamentals, no matter how repetitive.

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8. For staying up all night watching game film while everyone else slept…

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9. …and then coming up with the most innovative (and insane) game plans.

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10. For keeping morale up at halftime…

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11. For getting angry…

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12. …like, really, really…

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13. And then using that anger to argue bogus calls…

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14. …or fire up the team with a good tirade.

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15. For being all serious and focused, but also having a good sense of humor.

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16. For keeping it together, because, let’s face it, the job would drive most people to drink.

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17. For being the first one there to hug after a big win.

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18. For bringing the team together in tough times.

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19. And, most important, for giving you advice that sticks in your head long after you’ve hung up your jersey.


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