The 22 Grossest Feelings Of The Summer

Ew, ew, ew, ew…

1. Sunburn.

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2. Sandal blisters.

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3. Stepping outside after spending all day in air conditioning.

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4. Sticky ice cream hands.

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5. Being constantly covered by a swarm of bugs.

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6. This.

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8. Trying to sit in a black leather chair.

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9. Mosquito bites.

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10. Finding sand in your clothing long after you leave the beach.

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11. Chlorine burning your eyeballs.

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12. Back sweat.

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13. Underarm sweat.

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14. Head sweat.

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16. Crotch sweat.

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17. That wonderful mix of sunscreen and sweat, all over your body.

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18. White-hot steaming bird poop on your face.

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19. That scaly thing that just brushed past your legs in the water.

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20. That feeling of being grilled while you grill.

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21. Making your way through sweaty, disgusting crowds.

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22. Poison ivy rashes.

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Fortunately, with a couple of these, all that ickiness just melts away…

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…and you can enjoy summer in all its glory.

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