25 People Who Take Safety Way Too Seriously

Because it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt.

1. This dad teaching his kid how to drive.

ID: 1444327

2. This airport that isn’t taking any chances with your tchotchkes.

ID: 1444260

3. This moped rider who has ZERO blind spots.

ID: 1444565

4. This party animal who cares deeply for his loved ones.

ID: 1444284

5. This person who always makes sure there’s an emergency banana on the premises.

ID: 1444315

6. This gamer who isn’t taking any chances.

ID: 1444126

7. This man who made sure his knees wouldn’t get hurt while playing the keyboard.

ID: 1444482

8. The person who created this traffic barrel monster.

ID: 1445562

9. This guy who’s not going to get hurt trying the latest fad.

ID: 1443904

10. This man who will never let anything happen to his dreads.

ID: 1444057

11. This office manager who hasn’t allowed a raptor attack since the Jurassic period.

ID: 1443912

12. This car manufacturer who’s concerned for women’s well-being.

ID: 1444267

13. This NASCAR stadium architect who put fan safety first.

ID: 1444277

14. This girl who wasn’t going to get hurt dancing at prom.

ID: 1444547

15. This person who spared no expense in protecting their home.

ID: 1444241

16. This beachgoer who will never drown.

ID: 1444279

17. These Q-tips that are so overprotective they don’t even want you to use them.

ID: 1445417

18. This person who exercises caution when shipping the undead.

ID: 1444371

19. This guy who refuses to fall off his moped.

ID: 1444105

20. These girls who practice the safest sex.

ID: 1444377

21. This train that isn’t afraid to get up in your face about safety.

ID: 1444297

22. This teacher who protects students by speaking their language.

ID: 1444411

23. This person who wanted to let you know that the Earth gets slippery when wet.

ID: 1444274

24. This cat who works as a crossing guard EVEN THOUGH NO ONE ASKED HIM TO.

ID: 1444867

25. And this engineering genius who’s worried about the Earth splitting open.

ID: 1444463

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