The 2013 Twitter Glossary Leads The Daily Links

Plus 10 life skills you must learn by age 30, 11 signs you’ve found your dream job, and the 7 greatest Craigslist posts of 2013. posted on

Ever go on Twitter and feel like absolutely NOTHING makes any sense? Consult this amazing Twitter glossary, 2013 edition. - [New York Magazine]

Power doesn’t come cheaply: A new study estimates that Michael Bloomberg spent over 650 million bucks while serving as New York’s mayor. - [The New York Times]

Just how desperate are you for a party this New Year’s Eve? Desperate enough to pay 375 bucks for a party at Applebee’s? - [Newser]


Feel kinda…excited to be at work? Check out these 11 signs that you may have found your dream job. - [HelloGiggles]


As you approach the nightmarish end of your twenties, take the time to learn these 10 essential life skills that every 30-year-old should know. - [Refinery29]

These people know how to make a sale: Enjoy the greatest Craigslist posts of 2013. - [BroBible]

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