7 Music Stars Who Have Performed For Dictators Lead The Daily Links

Plus a video tribute to the TV characters who died in 2013, 5 documentaries you should check out on Netflix, and the 15 best Christmas songs of 2013.

Some musicians will do any gig for a quick buck: These 7 music stars have played shows for some of the world’s worst dictators. - [USA Today]

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Sick of the same old Christmas songs? Change it up with one of the 15 best Christmas songs from 2013. - [Fuse]

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TV fans lost a lot of beloved characters in 2013: Here’s a video tribute to television’s fallen (warning: MASSIVE spoilers, obviously). - [Vulture]

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Ever worry you’re becoming a crazy cat lady? Well, you will never have anything on this Phoenix woman and her feline lair. - [The New York Times]

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An emergency C-section is a pretty harrowing experience, so you can imagine how shocked one woman was when doctors found no baby at all. - [Newser]

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It’s the holiday season, and chances are you have some sweet vacation: Here are 5 documentaries you should check out on Netflix. - [BroBible]

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Most spies keep a very low profile; Then there are these 10 celebrities who did some espionage work on the side. - [mental_floss]

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Before you think you’re some sort of magical computer whiz, consult this incomplete list of things that should NOT be considered “hacking.” - [Motherboard]

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