12 Shocking But True SantaCon Horror Stories Lead The Daily Links

Plus 10 signs you might be a spinster, if cats had profiles on OkCupid, and why you shouldn’t shoot down federal drones.

Brace yourself, SantaCon is coming. Here are 12 of the most gruesome stories from past years. - [Grub Street]

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Don’t like taking your medicine? Luckily for you, a new study shows that regular exercise can have the same benefit as many frequently prescribed drugs. - [The New York Times]

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And you thought bunk beds were scary: Check out the guy who fell 9,000 feet and SURVIVED. - [Daily Mail]

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Another Festivus miracle! The Florida Capitol has just installed a six-foot Festivus pole made entirely out of beer cans. - [Newser]

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BRB, moving to Japan: McDonald’s restaurants in Japan are now serving some delicious looking balls of cheese and potato. - [RocketNews24]

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Not that you were thinking of doing it anyway, but here’s why it’s not a good idea to try shooting down federal drones. - [Motherboard]

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There’s nothing wrong with being a single lady, but take note, here are 10 signs you *might* be turning into a spinster. - [The Stir]

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