11 Must-Read Pieces Of One Direction Fan Fiction Lead The Daily Links

Plus 8 funny actors who impressed in dramatic roles, the four first female Marines ever, and online dating coaches are now a thing.

A Full House crossover, a battle in a Hunger Games arena…these are just a few of the weirdest must-read One Direction fan fiction stories. - [Fuse]


With Will Forte and Matthew McConaughey getting some serious Oscar buzz, it’s time to look back at 8 funny actors who stunned us in powerful dramatic roles. - [Refinery29]

You’d think if you made an amazing dictionary you could do whatever you wanted. Unfortunately for Noah Webster, though, these 26 (sensible) spelling changes were totally rejected. - [The Week]

An EDM industry insider started an “Ask Me Anything” on Reddit. The ensuing thread discussed the private lives of world famous DJ’s and was absolutely insane. - [BroBible]


Sometimes online dating sites aren’t enough. That’s why online dating coaches must now exist. - [BetaBeat]

Hollywood Pictures

Semper WIN! These four women have passed infantry combat training to become the first female Marines ever. - [The Stir]


The Simpsons didn’t need the internet to become hugely popular, but that didn’t stop one person from rewriting all its episode plots as Upworthy headlines. - [Death and Taxes]

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