12 Great Movies That Sound Terrible On Netflix Lead The Daily Links

Plus the 10 sounds your cat makes and what they mean, a dating site for EDM fans, and the couple that tweets every fight.

The FDA is declaring war on trans fats, and that’s awesome. Unfortunately, these 8 beloved snacks will likely be affected by the ban. - [Refinery29]

Well, that’s one way to work out relationship issues: Meet the couple that tweets every one of its petty fights. - [BetaBeat]

Because apparently it’s too hard meeting people at extremely loud, crowded concerts, there’s now a dating site for EDM fans. - [Elite Daily]

We can put a man on the moon, why can’t we have a clean men’s room? Well now, thanks to a team of physicists, the urinal of the future could be here. - [The Week]


Don’t let your cat’s noisy demands get lost in translation: Here are 10 sounds that cats make and why they’re making them. - [Catster]


Sometimes it’s like no one even knows what a truffle is: Watch out for these 12 most bogus truffle scams that somehow always trick people.- [Grub Street]

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