40 Of The Best Internet Reactions To The "Breaking Bad" Finale Lead The Daily Links

Plus someone who gets paid to manage memes, a man who’s eaten nothing but raw meat for the last five years, and Pumpkin Spice: The Movie.

Breaking Bad is over and IT’S JUST NOT FAIR; at least we’ll always have the memories. - [Ranker]

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“Waiter, I’ll have mine extra rare”; this man has eaten nothing but raw meat for the last five years. - [Vice]

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Every fall it claims thousands of victims. That’s right, pumpkin spice is here, and it’s finally got the horrifying movie trailer it deserves. - [Death and Taxes]

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Jeff Minton / Via nymag.com

Those memes aren’t going to pay for themselves; that’s why Grumpy Cat and others are turning to the internet’s preeminent meme manager, Ben Lashes. - [New York]

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Love works differently in real life than on TV; according to a new surveyless than half of women actually want a surprise marriage proposal. - [Nerve]

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Sometimes going outside can be such a hassle; these Parisians used an old camera trick to bring the outside world into their apartment. - [Fast Company]

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Vice President Joe Biden. Using an iPhone. With a Budweiser case. Is it too good to be true? - [BroBible]

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Karl Hammer / Via newser.com

Looking for hidden Nazi gold? This Dutchman thinks the secret location is coded in their sheet music. - [Newser]

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