19 Of The Weirdest Sports Injuries Ever Lead The Daily Links

Plus a girl dominating her pee wee football league, a trip to the Galapagos Islands in photos, and Bill Clinton doing an impression of Bono.

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Sure, breaking your arm to save a pizza is rough. But these athlete injuries are even flukier. [mental_floss]

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Animals have secrets, too. Like these Central Park tamarins who became the first monkeys to be caught whispering. - [Motherboard]

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Looking for a grittier alternative to Monopoly? Try this Breaking Bad board game. - [The Week]

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Nature is full of miracles: Like this caterpillar that looks like Hello Kitty. - [Rocketnews24]

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Don’t feel like throwing down cash for a Galapagos Island getaway? Google Maps team has your back with these amazing pics. - [The Atlantic]

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Move over, Adrian Peterson. This 6-year-old girl could make a run at football’s rushing title. - [Guyism]

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We knew Jesus had a lot of followers. But, according to one Vatican cardinal, Jesus was also the first person in the world to tweet. - [Betabeat]

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CNN / Via dailymail.co.uk

Retirement does crazy things to a person. Case in point, watch Bill Clinton do a pretty brutal impression of Bono. - [Daily Mail]

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