6 Disgusting Things On Your Body Right Now Lead The Daily Links

Plus 10 musicians who never seem to age, 8 signs you’re an awful roommate, and advice that Jack Donaghy would give Alec Baldwin right now.

Don’t look in the mirror: These 6 disgusting things are on your body RIGHT NOW. - [Men’s Health]

ID: 2506234

Music truly is the fountain of youth: Look at these 10 artists who have seemingly NEVER AGED. - [Fuse]

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Alec Baldwin should revisit those 30 Rock scripts: Here’s what advice Jack Donaghy would give the beleaguered actor. - [USA Today]

ID: 2506272

James Murphy has an idea to make your New York commute sound a little prettier: Check out the former LCD Soundsystem frontman’s proposal for a more harmonious subway turnstile. - [New York Magazine]

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