10 Celebrities Who Shared Their First Kiss With Another Celebrity Lead The Daily Links

Plus Valentine’s Day gift ideas for new couples, 37 musicians who have also done modeling, and revisiting your favorite childhood foods.

Obviously book fans treasure their favorite works all year round, but these 10 literary holidays are a must if you’d like to celebrate with others. - [mental_floss]

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Did you just enter a relationship with Valentine’s Day approaching? Here are some gift ideas for new couples. - [DuJour]

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America’s kind of a big deal: This map shows how large each state’s economy is compared to entire nations. - [Slate]

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New York needs an amendment: According to an obscure law, it’s actually illegal for waiters to serve water to patrons unless asked to do so. - [Gothamist]

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The late Philip Seymour Hoffman was such a brilliant actor he made talking on the phone feel incredibly powerful. This supercut of his telephone scenes shows yet another reason why he’ll be missed. - [Vulture]

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