The Science Of Jello Shots Leads The Daily Links

Plus a genius who combined bacon and sushi, 10 reasons Meryl Streep is queen of everything, and one thing you probably didn’t know about Super Mario.

Don’t get too tipsy before reading this: It’s the science of jello shots. - [Serious Eats]

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It turns out Super Mario has a secret: Read about this shocking detail from the 8-bit legend’s past. - [RocketNews24]

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Red is sooo last February: Buck tradition and try one of these 22 awesome rule-breaking V-Day dresses. - [Refinery29]

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Just give her all our awards, take it all! Here are 10 reasons why Meryl Streep is the queen of everything. - [HelloGiggles]

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Want to see inside the soul of someone you’re dating? According to this dating expert, the truth lies in their FRIDGE. - [The Cut]

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Don’t get lost next time you surf the web, just consult this handy map of the entire internet. - [Fast Company]

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Come on, Denver, it’s just a game! According to Pornhub data, the city’s porn traffic exploded last night after the Broncos got crushed in the Super Bowl. - [Guyism]

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