The History Of Tina Fey And Amy Poehler’s Best Friendship Leads The Daily Links

Plus the terrifying new fitness app on Google Glass, 10 things that suggest Her could become a reality, and 5 awesome celebs who should totally guest star on The Simpsons.

Having trouble getting motivated for that jog? This horrific Google Glass fitness game will make you run for your life. - [Fast Company]

It seems like everyone and their uncle’s been a guest on The Simpsons, but these 5 celebrities deserve an invite to Springfield ASAP. - [HelloGiggles]

2014 has been a nightmare for some. For example, this Alaska town partied so hard on New Year’s Eve that they destroyed the internet. - [Newser]

Breaking up is hard…especially with your best friend. Here are 10 signs you and your BFF may be drifting apart. - [Gurl]

Long ago, before computer porn even existed, there was a video game called Leisure Suit Larry and it was pretty…weird. - [Esquire]

Think you can “catch up on sleep” after pulling that nasty all-nighter? Here’s what science has to say to that. - [mental_floss]

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