Every Single Curse Word In “The Wolf Of Wall Street” Leads The Daily Links

Plus why open offices don’t work for employees, 9 geeks who know how to party, and what the throat of a beatboxer looks like.

Someone needs their mouth washed out with soap: Here’s a breakdown of every curse word spoken in The Wolf of Wall Street. - [Vulture]

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Feeling less than satisfied with your spacious work space? It’s probably because open offices aren’t all they’re cracked up to be. - [The New Yorker]

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Despite what Facebook might have you believe, your brain can only handle having a few close friends at a time. - [Motherboard]

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Ever wonder how some humans can sound like drum machines? Check out what it looks like when researchers film the throats of famous beatboxers. - [Slate]

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Here’s the early favorite for the 2014 Nobel Prize: This hamburger bun is made of FRENCH FRIES. - [Serious Eats]

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Ain’t not party like a geeky party: Check out these 9 awesomely nerdy party pics. - [PopSugar]

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Good news, McDonald’s promises to eventually serve sustainable beef! Sadly, it may not be in our lifetimes. - [Newser]

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There are some things that should not be tested for science, and peeing into the Polar Vortex is DEFINITELY one of them. - [CollegeCandy]

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