23 Cats Who Are Smarter Than You

You don’t even know how wrong you are.

1. “Um, ‘Frankenstein’ isn’t the monster, it’s actually the name of the scientist who made the monster. Do you even read?”

ID: 1314462

2. “Ugh, there’s no real irony in the song ‘Ironic.’ The examples are just coincidences, or bad luck, or just sad.”

ID: 1314476

3. “It’s nuclear. NOO-CLEE-ER. NOT ‘noo-coo-ler.’ You sound like a dullard.”

ID: 1314501

4. “Uh, actually, Napoleon was of *above* average height.”

ID: 1314458

5. “I believe you mean to say you COULDN’T care less.”

ID: 1316228

6. “Hate to blow your mind, but Macs can totally get viruses, too.”

ID: 1314558

7. “You couldn’t be further from the truth. Nor could you be farther away from me, simpleton. Ugh.”

ID: 1314515

8. “Um, the Parthenon couldn’t have been designed to match the Golden Ratio. It was built a century before Euclid even invented the term. Gosh, it’s like you hate knowledge…”

ID: 1314483

9. “Silly human, a simile isn’t different from a metaphor…a simile is a type of metaphor.”

ID: 1314540

10. “Um, the Bible never says that Jesus was born on December 25, Pope Julius the First just decided to have Christmas on that day. But whatever, keep doing it wrong, I don’t care.”

ID: 1316164

11. “Benjamin Franklin’s kite was never actually struck by lightning, he would’ve DIED. Come ON, people…”

ID: 1316144

12. “You actually think ‘420’ is police code for marijuana use? Wow, I feel sorry for you.”

ID: 1314505

13. “Newsflash: during the real Apollo 13 mission they said, ‘Houston, we’ve had a problem.’ IMPORTANT.”

ID: 1316245

14. “Blood isn’t blue inside your body. It’s always red. Jeez, it’s like you’ve never heard of hemoglobin…”

ID: 1316166

15. “It’s not Endor, it’s the foresty moon of Endor. Endor is a gas giant. Kind of a big difference…”

ID: 1314546

16. “The song’s not called ‘Teenage Wasteland,’ it’s ‘Baba O’Reilly.’ Stupid posers…”

ID: 1316220

17. “Uh, technically, D-Day didn’t single-handedly win WWII, Soviet forces had already devastated German forces by then. LOOK IT UP.”

ID: 1316175

18. “Silly n00b. The Internet isn’t a ‘series of tubes,’ pipes are just used as an analogy for bandwith.”

ID: 1316194

19. “There is no U.S. law that says undercover police officers must identify themselves as cops. You watch WAY too many movies…”

ID: 1314585

20. “Oof, ‘anyways’ isn’t an actual word, you incompetent nitwit.”

ID: 1316272

21. “Mozart and Salieri weren’t bitter rivals in real life. You’d know that if you actually appreciated classical music.”

ID: 1316263

22. “Bulls don’t get mad when they see the color red, they can’t even SEE IT. Ugh, I’m not even gonna waste my time explaining…”

ID: 1316211

23. “Well, actually, according to studies, dogs are smarter than cats. Just thought you’d like to know…”

“…wait a minute…shit.”

ID: 1314527

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