29 Times Zayn Malik Was Undeniably Flawless

Mysterious? Check. Exotic beauty? Check.

1. When he waved at the camera:

ID: 2563714

2. When he made this face:

ID: 2563716

And this one:

ID: 2563722

3. When he pouted:


ID: 2563725

4. When he was a ninja:


ID: 2563730

5. When he was scruffy:

ID: 2563733

6. When he looked soulfully into the distance:

ID: 2563743

7. When he loved you:

ID: 2563747

8. When he let his flawless hair be styled:

And his face did everything right.

ID: 2563753

9. When he pretended to cry:

ID: 2563755

10. When he held a rose in his teeth:

Romantic <3

ID: 2563759

11. When he cracked up:

ID: 2563760

12. When his hair was actually the most beautiful thing:

One Direction / Via imgarcade.com


ID: 2563766

13. When he licked his lips:

And his hair was still pure unadulterated perfection.

ID: 2563777

14. Every time he has ever graced the world with his smile:

ID: 2563781

15. When he had messy Cleopatra hair:

Somehow, even this looks good on him.

ID: 2563817

16. When these words left his perfect mouth:


ID: 2563833

17. When he sat on stage and waved at his adorers:

ID: 2563855

18. When he kissed the camera lens:

He just stole a kiss. What are you going to do about it?

ID: 2563837

19. When he danced around like a master:

That lip bite though.

ID: 2563865

20. When Harry tackled him and he handled it beautifully:

ID: 2563898

21. When he batted his eyes like a Disney princess:

No animator could cook up that perfection.

ID: 2563903

22. When he sang — literally anytime he opened his mouth and sang:

One Direction / Via hard-on.skyrock.com
ID: 2563912

23. When he was a boxer:

Oh, yeah — and he was shirtless.

ID: 2563998

24. When he looked into the camera and into your soul:

ID: 2564007

25. When he stole Niall’s spotlight:

Fremantle Media / Via eitherfearorlove.tumblr.com
ID: 2564009

26. When he perched atop a motorcycle:

ID: 2564019

27. When he rocked out on stage:

ID: 2564021

28. When his eyes shone like a thousand stars:

ID: 2564037

29. And, let’s be honest, anytime he did pretty much anything else:

ID: 2564064

Seriously, he even makes a turtleneck look good. Not fair.

ID: 2564079

Vas happenin’ is that you’re amazing, Zayn.

ID: 2564086

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