23 Signs That You Are Actually Winston Bishop From "New Girl"

Besides being the most under-rated character in your life, of course.

1. You have impeccable spelling and grammar.

Walking spell-check here!

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2. You’re great at gift-giving.

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Birthdays are one of your fortes.

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3. Food is your soul mate.

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You’re a strong, independent person who don’t need no man/woman. But you do need food.

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4. Saturdays are your favorite days.

And you don’t let anyone mess with your Saturday.

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5. You’re highly insightful.

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You can get preeeeetty deep.

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6. You’re a beast at puzzles.

Though you might also be colorblind so, yea, get that checked out.

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7. You’re so naughty.

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SO naughty.

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8. Sometimes you just don’t get it.

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Hey, life can be confusing.

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9. (You think) you’re the best with the pranks.

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Hello, my name is Prank Sinatra. You killed my father. Prepare to be HIT WITH A SKI!

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10. You can get insecure (even though you’re fabulous).

But don’t worry— your friends love you (and all your little things).

ID: 2632388

11. You give killer advice.

And let’s not get started on your ability to rock a pirate earring.

ID: 2632391

12. You’re an optimist.

You keep the mood light when things start to get heavy.

ID: 2632394

13. Sometimes you feel like your friends don’t care about you.

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ID: 2632395
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You just want to know that you’re appreciated.

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14. You’re hella sarcastic.

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You also take no pity on fools. You are not Mr. T.

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15. You secretly love musical theatre.

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Show that Idina Menzel who’s boss.

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16. You’re a fantastic singer/songwriter.

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It’s in your soul, man.

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17. You can be very dramatic.

Mr. Hyperbole and Lady Exaggeration are your best friends.

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18. You try to help as best you can.

ID: 2632410

You’re a good Samaritan. Sometimes.

ID: 2632412

19. You’re in touch with your emotions.

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Let out the sad, breathe in the happy.

ID: 2632413

20. You’re a romantic.

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Your significant other is one lucky person.

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21. You love bubbles.

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Hell— who doesn’t love bubbles?

ID: 2632419

22. You love to cut loose with your besties.

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“We’re the three best friends that anyone could have, and we’ll never ever ever ever ever leave each other!”

ID: 2632420

23. You love your life!

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Why shouldn’t you? You’re Winston Fucking Bishop!

ID: 2632422

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