23 Signs That You Are Actually Winston Bishop From "New Girl"

Besides being the most under-rated character in your life, of course.

1. You have impeccable spelling and grammar.

Walking spell-check here!

2. You’re great at gift-giving.

Fox / Via

Birthdays are one of your fortes.

3. Food is your soul mate.

Fox / Via
Fox / Via

You’re a strong, independent person who don’t need no man/woman. But you do need food.

4. Saturdays are your favorite days.

And you don’t let anyone mess with your Saturday.

5. You’re highly insightful.

Fox / Via
Fox / Via

You can get preeeeetty deep.

6. You’re a beast at puzzles.

Though you might also be colorblind so, yea, get that checked out.

7. You’re so naughty.

Fox / Via
Fox / Via

SO naughty.

8. Sometimes you just don’t get it.

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Hey, life can be confusing.

9. (You think) you’re the best with the pranks.

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Hello, my name is Prank Sinatra. You killed my father. Prepare to be HIT WITH A SKI!

10. You can get insecure (even though you’re fabulous).

But don’t worry— your friends love you (and all your little things).

11. You give killer advice.

And let’s not get started on your ability to rock a pirate earring.

12. You’re an optimist.

You keep the mood light when things start to get heavy.

13. Sometimes you feel like your friends don’t care about you.

Fox / Via
Fox / Via

You just want to know that you’re appreciated.

14. You’re hella sarcastic.

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You also take no pity on fools. You are not Mr. T.

15. You secretly love musical theatre.

Fox / Via

Show that Idina Menzel who’s boss.

16. You’re a fantastic singer/songwriter.

Fox / Via

It’s in your soul, man.

17. You can be very dramatic.

Mr. Hyperbole and Lady Exaggeration are your best friends.

18. You try to help as best you can.

You’re a good Samaritan. Sometimes.

19. You’re in touch with your emotions.

Fox / Via

Let out the sad, breathe in the happy.

20. You’re a romantic.

Fox / Via

Your significant other is one lucky person.

21. You love bubbles.

Fox / Via

Hell— who doesn’t love bubbles?

22. You love to cut loose with your besties.

Fox / Via

“We’re the three best friends that anyone could have, and we’ll never ever ever ever ever leave each other!”

23. You love your life!

Fox / Via

Why shouldn’t you? You’re Winston Fucking Bishop!

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