22 Reasons Ron Swanson Should Be Our Next President

Besides the whole hatred of government thing, of course. Swanson 2016!

1. He has a winning and trustworthy smile.

NBC / Via tvovermind.com

Who wouldn’t vote for that face?

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2. He’s well-educated.

His speeches would be hella entertaining.

ID: 2488983

3. He wouldn’t let his emotions get in the way.

Every issue would be scrutinized with an unbiased and inherently manly gaze.

ID: 2488993

4. He’s got pizzazz.

NEVER underestimate pizzazz.

ID: 2489002

5. He’s clever.

NBC / Via pandawhale.com

He’d be able to solve any problem in a stern and straightforward way.

ID: 2489004

6. He gets straight to the point.

Don’t try to BS this Chief of State.

ID: 2489006

7. The man knows how to pose.

His official portraits would be legendary.

ID: 2489008

8. He’d protect your constitutional rights.

The right to bear arms? Hell yes. I’m President Ron Fucking Swanson.

ID: 2489015

9. He’s relatable.

I like ice cream cones too! OMG!

ID: 2489026

10. He knows how to deal with people.

NBC / Via giphy.com

You can bet there would be no uppity shit during his time in office.

ID: 2489027

11. He knows what he wants.

He would know exactly how to help the country and, by god, he would get it done.

ID: 2489029

12. He’d have THE most entertaining sometimes-First Lady, bar none.

Tammy Swanson, bitches.

ID: 2489030

13. He is manly as hell.


ID: 2489035

14. He’s a family man.

Everyone loves a family man.

ID: 2489038

15. His life policies are spot-on.

NBC / Via picstopin.com

He’d get this country in tiptop shape before you could say “BACON.”

ID: 2489042

16. His mustache rivals that of William Howard Taft, another American president.

NBC / Via quoteko.com

That, my compatriots, is a mustache of pure, unadulterated freedom.

ID: 2489067

17. He stands by his decisions.

You will never catch Ron Ulysses Swanson being wishy-washy.

ID: 2489074

18. He loves America.

NBC / Via videogum.com

That’s, like, Prerequisite Numero Uno for being president.

ID: 2489075

19. He wants to help the people.*

*Help them do nothing. What a kind-hearted, beautiful man.

ID: 2489077

20. He’s got a good handle on economics.

NBC / Via en.fishki.net

He would make sure everyone learned how to do things, and therefore never buy things.

ID: 2489080

21. He wouldn’t let the power get to his head.

NBC / Via bromygod.com

Plus, he loves freedom too much to become a dictator.

ID: 2489082

22. He was BORN for this job.

NBC / Via thechive.com

Three snaps in a Z formation!

ID: 2489102

Ronald Ulysses Swanson for President 2016

NBC / Via complex.com
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