20 Fandom-Based Workouts To Get You Up And Moving

Hey, if the first step to a workout is “Put on a movie/TV show,” I’m 100% down.

1. Supernatural

Carry on (with your workout), my wayward son.

ID: 2978472

2. Game of Thrones

Only the fittest will sit upon the Iron Throne.

ID: 2978555

3. The X-Files

The truth is (I need to work) out (more) there.

ID: 2978482

4. Les Misérables

There, out in the darkness, I should be running, and not sitting aroo-oound.

ID: 2978477

5. New Girl

Who’s that girl (that’s actually going to the gym)? (It should be me).

ID: 2978488

6. The Vampire Diaries

Get your blood going. Just don’t let a vampire get it.

ID: 2978493

7. Sherlock

You want to be able to keep up with Sherlock, don’t you?

ID: 2978496

8. How I Met Your Mother

You worked out today? I request the highest of fives!

ID: 2978562

9. Harry Potter

I solemnly swear I’ll go to the gym tomorrow.

ID: 2978524

10. The Avengers

Admit it- you have a secret hope that, once you’re in shape, Nick Fury will come talk to you about the Avengers Initiative.

ID: 2978533

11. Star Trek

Beam me up a better body, Scotty.

ID: 2978602

12. Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Get in shape so you can become a slayer in your own right.

ID: 2978609

13. Law and Order: SVU

In New York City, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious crimes probably didn’t get to the killer shape they’re in by sitting on the couch.

ID: 2978580

14. The Big Bang Theory

Isn’t it about time you “BAZINGA!” the hell out of this workout?

ID: 2978536

15. Castle

Nathan Fillion would say “Don’t cancel your workout like they cancelled Firefly!”

ID: 2978620

16. The Walking Dead

Gotta stay ahead of the walkers somehow.

ID: 2978607

17. Criminal Minds

*insert inspirational quote relevant to the situation*

ID: 2978542

18. Mean Girls

Working out is so fetch.

ID: 2978590

19. The Office

If only you could be a member of Dwight Schrute’s Gym for Muscles.

ID: 2978597

20. Friends

CLAP CLAP-CLAP CLAP-CLAP for you for working out!

ID: 2978550

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