19 Hilarious Pictures Of People Posing On Splash Mountain

Some men are born great. These are those people.

1. The Grope

Bonus points for the Santa hat/beard.

ID: 2237773

2. The Bodyguard

Alternate title: “The Secret Service.”

ID: 2237782

3. The Sippy-Sippy

Bonus points for the fact that five of them are rocking plaid.

ID: 2237788

4. The Storm Trooper

At least he knows the log won’t hit anything (BAD JOKE).

ID: 2237791

5. The Proposal

ID: 2237793

6. The Occupy Movement

From Wall Street to Disney.

ID: 2237797

7. The Who Gives A Flying Fuck?

Answer: No one. Not a single person gives a flying fuck.

ID: 2237802

8. The Hardcore Gamers

ID: 2239761

9. The Party People

ID: 2239776

11. The Prom Proposal

Bonus points for the Gene Simmons tongue.

ID: 2239788

13. The Nap

Alternate title: The People In The Back Weren’t In On The Joke

ID: 2239813

14. The Selfie


ID: 2239820

15. The “There’s A Lot Going On Here”

Is that a muppet?

ID: 2239826

16. The Fine Diners

How even did they take all this stuff on the ride?

ID: 2239859

18. The Snake Charmers

ID: 2239904

19. Perry the Platypus

Also notice “Fuck yea!” kid in the front row.

ID: 2239908

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