14 People Who Are Winning The Game Of Life

We tip our hats to these masters of their trade.Think you have what it takes to be a winner? Take on MLB 2K13’s Perfect Game Challenge for a chance to win some serious cash.

1. This school commuter.

ID: 930400

2. This guy, with his insane hydraulic gaming chair.

ID: 930271

3. This dodgeball Jedi.

ID: 930360

4. This friendly motorcyclist.

ID: 938968

5. This front-flipper.

ID: 939351

6. This back-flipper, and his friend.

ID: 939179

7. This back-flipper, and his extra skateboard.

ID: 940037

8. This pallet-jack drifter.

ID: 939309

9. This behind-the-back master.

ID: 940040

10. And this one.

ID: 940043

11. This big check wielding, Kate Upton posing million dollar winner.

You could be next.

ID: 942786

12. This treadmill superstar.

ID: 939424

13. All of these guys.

ID: 940055

14. And Aquaman.

ID: 930347

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