Government Shutdown: What Happens When There Is No One To Tweet?

The Shutdown is underway. As you might expect, the Twitterverse exploded with news and views—while the accounts at so-called “non-essential” agencies went silent, with no one there to post. Maybe it’s the extra time to ponder, but the comments on the topic are wildly creative. Here’s a collection of Tweets from #essentials and #nonessentials that grabbed #TeamOTMM’s attention:

1. Top 10 Tweets

ID: 1734075

2. Government Will Not be Sneaking Tweets during the Shutdown

ID: 1734086

3. Restaurants and Bars are Feeding the Furloughed

ID: 1734099

4. Some are looking furloughed with benefits (we are re pretty sure they aren’t talking about health and vision benefits), is in the air with #shutdownpickuplines

ID: 1734114

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