Why "The Anna Nicole Smith Show" Was The Best Reality TV Show Ever

Bold statement, but I’m sticking by it. Miss you, Anna Nicole.

1. Gay icon.

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2. Master of disguise.

ID: 1664330

3. Masturbation extraordinaire.

ID: 1665202

4. Shakespearean scholar.

ID: 1664323

7. Lover of everything frilly and pink.

ID: 1665183

8. Conflict wizard.

ID: 1665204

9. And hater of those who sniff belly buttons.

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10. Ladies & gentleman, the late + great, fabulous & also outrageous, Anna Nicole Smith.

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11. Anna Nicole taught us that food comes first.

ID: 1664312

12. The proper pronunciation of cabana.

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14. Ask for help when you need it.

ID: 1664315

15. News?

ID: 1664319

17. And MASTURBATE. Always masturbate.

ID: 1664320

18. She was skeptical of the sun.

ID: 1664328

19. (Which is valid.)

ID: 1664326

20. She said that instead of working out you should paint.

ID: 1664331

21. (Which is valid.)

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22. Penises ARE funny. You know, dick.

ID: 1664367

23. Tattoos hurt.

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24. And posing IS fun.

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25. Like a true legend, go to a tattoo parlor and force your assistant to get a tattoo of your face.

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26. Love your paparazzi.

ID: 1665100

27. And also love your family.

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28. Her talented + influential cousin, Cousin Shelley, fit right in.

ID: 1665166


ID: 1665164

30. Anna also taught us to be open.

ID: 1664316

31. She didn’t take any bullshit from Howard.

ID: 1664469

32. No matter what, get paid.

ID: 1665203

33. And even more importantly, avoid crawling through chairs because you’ll probably get stuck.

ID: 1664317

34. Anna Nicole showed us its okay to suck on a pile of jello jigglies.

ID: 1665207

35. It’s okay to fake an orgasm.

ID: 1665206

36. And its okay to know nothing…

ID: 1664412

37. … about nothing.

ID: 1664413

38. But seriously, in all honesty, Anna Nicole was genuine.

ID: 1665205

39. She was legitimately hilarious.

ID: 1664400

40. Like, really funny.

ID: 1665180

41. She knew why dogs were better than men.

ID: 1664402

42. And was also a modern day feminist.

ID: 1665168

To wrap things up…

ID: 1682002

45. Miss you, Anna Nicole. You were the best.

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