Why “Sometimes” Was Totally About A Crazed Stalker In Some Sort Of Dancing Cult

It’s all so creepy.

1. The video begins with a woman in a long white gown walking to the edge of a cliff.

ID: 1063281

2. She’s going to do what she does best.

ID: 1063189


ID: 1063190

4. She watches a man from above. He has no idea.

ID: 1063141

5. She goes to the beach to get a closer look. She peers longingly at him.

ID: 1063142

6. He has no idea.

ID: 1063305

7. Then she’s suddenly with a large group of people wearing all-white outfits. They run to a pier.

ID: 1063143

8. They break into some sort of ritualistic dance. It’s like they’re all in on it. They do this a lot. They are a cult.

ID: 1063144

9. She hides behind a pier to watch him.

ID: 1063259

10. The guy looks around, he can feel that he’s being watched.

ID: 1063184

11. Because he is being watched. She is watching him. She sees all.

ID: 1063185

12. She appears in front of the car with two females. One rubs her crotch. She sings.

ID: 1063167

13. She repeats over and over, “all I really want is to hold you tight.”

ID: 1063217

14. “treat you right.”

ID: 1063269


As in forever and forever.

ID: 1063330

16. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s always on the lookout. Where will she turn up next?

ID: 1063329

17. We’re back at the pier with the cult. They make a heart with the woman in the middle. They raise up.

ID: 1063264


ID: 1063328

19. He runs.

ID: 1063399

20. She puts her head down.

ID: 1063376

21. And goes back to her picnic for one. Hoping, wishing, and waiting for her prince to come.

ID: 1063410

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