Welsh Footballer Arrested For Homophobic/Insane Tweet To Tom Daley

Why are people such dicks?

1. This is Daniel Thomas. He’s a semi-professional midfielder with Port Talbot FC.

ID: 486125

2. After Tom Daley and his diving partner came in 4th place, Daniel Thomas allegedly tweeted the following:

ID: 486106

Apparently he was arrested. The police have released the following statement about the incident:

ID: 486117

In a statement, police said they had “arrested a 28-year-old man from the Port Talbot area in connection with offensive comments made on the social networking site Twitter”.

ID: 486118

Daniel Thomas’ football team said:

ID: 486137

Upon being informed of the matter, we immediately distanced ourselves from any offensive messages whilst investigating the matter further. Having spoken at length to the player in question, we believe that he regrettably left his phone unattended and was the victim of a very misguided ‘prank’.

ID: 486139

7. Either way, it’s fucked up.

ID: 486154

8. And

Jamie McDonald / Getty Images
ID: 486164

9. they’re

Jamie McDonald / Getty Images
ID: 486166

10. just

Paul Gilham / Getty Images
ID: 486169

11. jealous

Paul Gilham / Getty Images
ID: 486174

12. of

Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 486176


Clive Rose / Getty Images
ID: 486177

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