VH1’s New Logo

They haven’t had a new one in 10 years.

1. Before I show you the new one, take a trip back and remember the old ones with me.

ID: 792619

2. 1985-1987

ID: 792572

4. 1987

ID: 792580

5. 1994

ID: 792584

6. 1995

ID: 792582

7. 1999

ID: 792568

8. 2000s

ID: 792587

Drum roll, please…

ID: 792594

9. 2013

ID: 792581

The President of VH1 says about this one:

ID: 792614

“VH1 is entertainment on steroids. We have a legacy of cranking it up to 11, so our ‘tagmark’ helps us to easily convey that to our viewers and build on the promise of delivering our bold and engaging mash-up of music, pop culture and nostalgia that generates so much buzz.”

ID: 792600

All logos from Logopedia.

ID: 792623

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