45 Totally Superficial Reasons Why Hillary Clinton Should Run For President In 2016

These reasons are totally stupid, but also totally legit. I guess?

1. She believes in evolution.

ID: 254128

2. She’s non-partisan.

She likes dogs AND cats.

ID: 254049

3. She has touched Meryl Streep.

ID: 254075

4. And Oprah.

ID: 254351

5. She golfs.

Wilfredo Lee / AP
ID: 254083

6. And bowls.

Beth A. Keiser / AP
ID: 254026

7. But doesn’t do volleyball.

ID: 254108

8. She looked hot in the ’90s.

ID: 254103

9. And looks great with a ponytail.

ID: 254015



ID: 254140

11. She doesn’t give a fuck what Bill says.

ID: 254142

12. She makes this face when she gets annoying texts.


ID: 254290

13. Yo! MTV Raps made a playing card of her.

Pretty cool.

ID: 254718

14. She wears frog jewelry… ON HER SHOULDER.

ID: 254160

15. She has her own store in Africa.

ID: 254585

16. She looks better in blue than Angela Merkel does.

ID: 254172

17. She looks better in purple than Angela Merkel does.

ID: 254575

18. She carries a bottle of hot sauce with her wherever she goes.

At least that’s what this website says.

ID: 254365

19. She makes this face sometimes.

And still doesn’t give a fuck.

ID: 254393

20. And this one too.

Saul Loeb / Reuters
ID: 254101

21. She’s a trendsetter.

ID: 254396

22. This scarf.

ID: 254398

23. When her hair blows in the wind she looks really hot and intense.

ID: 254401

24. She’s hip.

Down with the lingo.

ID: 254436

25. She gets drunk on airplanes.

ID: 254426

26. She walks like a boss.

ID: 254421

27. She drives like a boss.

One hand on the wheel.

ID: 254442

28. She might have an alien baby.

ID: 254709

29. She makes duck face cool.

ID: 254799

30. Sometimes she wears capes.

ID: 254466

31. She drinks with elegance and grace.

ID: 254475

32. This picture is hot and cool.

ID: 254499

33. She likes pizza.

ID: 254551

34. And tacos.

ID: 254610

35. She talks shit.

ID: 254580

36. Amy Poehler took a picture with her before.

ID: 254824

37. And so did Louis CK.

ID: 254830

38. Someone made this painting of her holding a tiny baby.

ID: 254597

39. She’s awkward.

ID: 254602

40. She drinks beer.

ID: 254837

41. Does shots.

ID: 254624

42. And if she gets drunk enough, she’ll dance!

ID: 254145

43. She wore this jacket before.

ID: 254637

44. And this ugly Christmas sweater.

ID: 254752

45. And last but not least, Ice-T thinks she’s a G.

ID: 254645

Shout out to Clintonesque for a bunch of these pictures.

ID: 254863

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