42 Things To Love About No Doubt

Bindis, braids, and oranges.

1. No Doubt helped launch the ska revival of the 1990s.

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2. They’ve been around for 25 years.

ID: 436865

Here’s a picture of them with Ryan Seacrest lol.

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3. They have, as far as we know, remained friends the entire time.

That doesn’t happen.

ID: 436924

Bands that bathe together, stay together.

ID: 438097

4. These early band pictures.

ID: 436891

5. Gwen Stefani’s bindi in the “Don’t Speak” music video.

ID: 437408

6. Gwen Stefani’s yellow tank top in the “Don’t Speak” music video.

ID: 437540

7. Gwen Stefani and the orange in the “Don’t Speak” music video.

ID: 437467

8. “Hush hush, darling”

ID: 437509

9. The stellar acting in the “Don’t Speak” video.

ID: 437521

10. Okay, the entire “Don’t Speak” music video is unforgettably legendary.

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11. The fact that Gwen never gave a fuck about having a rad slice of pizza.

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12. Gwen’s early ’90s fashion.

ID: 436897

13. Bindis and braids.

ID: 437032

14. So many bindis and braids.

ID: 437012

15. Gwen’s penchant for leopard print.

ID: 436952

16. Their fascination with oranges.

ID: 437040

17. These albums.

ID: 438452

18. The fact that Adrian is the only guy who could EVER make frosted tips look cool.

ID: 437112

19. Honestly, his frosted tips were pretty sweet.

ID: 437133

20. Adrian was also almost always naked.

ID: 437556

21. Adrian’s devil horns were also a thing.

ID: 437016

22. Adrian wore diapers.

ID: 437019

23. And lipstick.

ID: 437063

24. Basically Adrian never really gave a fuck.

Amy Chomyszak / Via everythingintime.com
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25. Gwen’s badass short haircut was pretty sweet.

and spunky, apparently.

ID: 436947

26. They made it okay to wear Oakleys and visors.

ID: 437371

27. Seriously, if Mark Mcgrath would have been wearing those sunglasses he would look like a huge douche.

ID: 436927

28. More oranges.

ID: 437030

29. They are also adorable together.

ID: 437042

30. So cute.

ID: 437051

31. Seriously cute.

Get it?

ID: 437044

32. Car realness.

ID: 437048

33. They won an award at the Hard Rock cafe.

ID: 437079

34. More braids.

ID: 437889

35. And bindis.

ID: 437083

36. They never matched.

ID: 437115

37. Gwen had some seriously revolutionary eyebrow jewelry.

ID: 437410

38. And cheek bone jewelry.

ID: 437435

39. Gwen’s aqua hair and fuzzy bra (with bonus facial jewelry)

ID: 438533

40. Again with the oranges.

ID: 436969

41. They were just really into fruit.

ID: 437005

42. And finally, how Gwen had braces and they always matched what she was wearing and she didn’t give a fuck.

ID: 437421

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