There Was A Corgi Cruise, And It Was Wonderful

BRB, buying my tickets for next year.

1. It was the perfect day for a cruise full of corgis.

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2. The corgis lined up in their best American flag swag. It was Memorial Day, and corgis are known as one of the most festive breeds.

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3. They also wore scarves. Corgis also love scarves.

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4. “Look how excited I am to be on a boat! I love boats! Boats rock!”


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5. One by one they waddled on board.

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6. The motto of the day was:

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7. ALL ABOARD, they cheered.

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8. Bye land!

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9. The boat was run by this corgi sailor.

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10. Yes, you read that correctly… A CORGI THAT HAPPENED TO BE A SAILOR.

ID: 1216978

11. He did a really good job, to be honest.

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12. Most of the corgis hated wearing their life jackets, except this guy.

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13. He said it gave him “peace of mind.”

ID: 1216962

14. This guy wore goggles because the wind bothers his eyes. He swears he wasn’t trying to be a douche.

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15. The corgis took over their own area, christening it the “Corgi Corner.”

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16. They were, obviously, the life of the party.

ID: 1216949

17. Look how much fun they’re having.

ID: 1216944

18. (Besides this guy)

ID: 1217192

19. (And this guy)

ID: 1216939

20. So basically it was a day full of smiles and rainbows and beautifulness.

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21. There were also kisses.

ID: 1216965

26. In conclusion, here is a corgi butt.

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