There Is A Very Serious Movement To Bring Back SURGE

This is real. There are billboards. Only you can make it happen.

1. Of course you remember SURGE.

ID: 870908

2. The commercials:

ID: 870873

3. The scream:

ID: 870915

4. The slogan:

ID: 870877

5. Well, people apparently really miss it. Individual cans are selling on eBay for over $50.

ID: 870890

6. There was even an entire “30 Rock” episode devoted to it.

ID: 870879

7. And now a group of rabid fans have started a Facebook group demanding Coke gets SURGE back on the market.

ID: 870895

8. The most impressive part of the movement is their brand new billboard.

ID: 870902

9. The members of the Facebook group raised enough money for this billboard 1/2 mile away from Coke headquarters in Atlanta.

ID: 870903

10. According to one group member, a rep at Coke noted an increase in interest.

ID: 870883

But for now…. the world waits.

ID: 870899

You can join the SURGE Movement HERE.

ID: 870900

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