The Ultimate Aliya Mustafina Tribute

This post is dedicated to my fellow Mustys out there.

1. Before we begin Aliya has to put her medals on.

ID: 495659

2. All set.

ID: 495693

3. Let’s begin.

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4. Aliya got Russia their first Olympic women’s gymnastics gold since 2000.

Ryan Pierse / Getty Images

She won gold on the uneven bars. She also won a bronze on floor.

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7. In April of 2011, she ripped her knee apart tearing both her ACL and MCL on vault.

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8. Most athletes take years to recover, but obviously Mustafina is not like most athletes.

ID: 495709

9. She has that stare.

ID: 495713

10. It’s basically piercing into your soul right now.

ID: 495714

12. She has the determination.

ID: 495687

14. She’s coming for your medals.

ID: 495703

15. But in all seriousness, it’s about elegance.

ID: 495674

18. Nailed it.

ID: 495662

19. Also, feet are not supposed to do this, but Mustafina’s do.

ID: 495902

20. She’s like a fucking helicopter!!

ID: 495686

22. And I know she gets a bad rap for always looking so serious all the time.

ID: 495772

23. She smiles!

Gregory Bull / AP
ID: 496135

24. And is like really fun!

ID: 495707

25. You know, just foolin’ around with her teammates.

ID: 495708

26. That face!

ID: 495715

27. And oh yeah, there’s also this picture.

ID: 495697

28. So, to wrap things up, call her a diva or a sore loser or whatever you want.

ID: 495753

29. Because whatever. She’s the shit.

ID: 495668

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