The Top 40 ’90s Boy Band Members (Ranked By Current Hotness)

Here’s a scientific hotness ranking of what your favorite ’90s boyband members look like today.

40. Justin Jefrees, 98 Degrees

Justin Jefrees ran for mayor of Cincinnati. He also was arrested in an Occupy protest.

ID: 317678

39. Brad Fischetti, LFO

Brad hangs out at abortion clinics.

ID: 317942

38. Kevin Farley, 2Gether

AKA Chris Farley’s twin.

ID: 318665

37. Nick Carter, BSB

He has the worst hair.

ID: 317698

36. Donnie Wahlberg, New Kids On The Block

He has fake hair.

ID: 318558

35. Chris Kirkpatrick, NSYNC

Lives in Orlando, has a girlfriend, apparently produces music. Doesn’t have braids anymore.

ID: 318535

34. Mark Barry, BBMak

Mark works as a personal trainer in the UK.

ID: 317687

33. Raz B, B2K

He was in “You Got Served”.

ID: 318643

32. Jacob Underwood, O-Town

He doesn’t have dreadlocks anymore.

ID: 318333

31. Ashley Parker Angel, O-Town

Ashley Parker Angel was the only member of O-Town who wasn’t down for a reunion. He has a kid, brown hair, and a shitty haircut.

ID: 318300

Ashley’s son.

ID: 318302

30. Kevin Richardson, BSB

Kevin recently re-joined the Backstreet Boys.

ID: 318372

29. Joey Fatone, NSYNC

Joey Fatone is the guest of The Price Is Right Live! at Bally’s in Las Vegas. His beard is grey.

ID: 317735

28. Jesse McCartney, Dreamstreet

Needs to fire his makeup artist.

ID: 318715

27. Noah Bastian, 2Gether

His boyfriend is on the left.

ID: 318669

26. Brian Litrell, BSB

Brian has 2 kids and a wife. He ends every tweet with “chirp”.

ID: 318382

25. Danny Wood, New Kids On The Block

Huge muscles.

ID: 318557

24. Omarion, B2K

He released an album 2 years ago called “Ollusion”.

ID: 318705

23. Drew Lachey, 98 Degrees

ID: 318469

He also has 2 kids and a wife.

ID: 318468

22. Alex Solowitz, 2Gether

He just filmed a movie called “Buttwhistle”.

ID: 318746

21. JC Chasez, NSYNC

He’s kind of a douche on those MTV dance shows.

ID: 318605

20. Trevor Guthrie, Soul Decision

He uploaded a song on MySpace in 2009. That’s about it.

ID: 318700

19. Jordan Knight, New Kids On The Block

ID: 318613

18. Isaac Hanson, Hanson

He has 2 kids.

ID: 318483

17. Zac Hanson, Hanson

He has 2 kids.

ID: 318449

16. Taylor Hanson, Hanson

He has 5 kids.

ID: 318443

15. AJ McClean, BSB

AJ just got engaged and is expecting his first child. He still has really bad tattoos.

ID: 317708

14. Trevor Penick, O-Town

No more fro.

ID: 318350

13. Jonathan Knight, New Kids On The Block

Came out of the closet a few years ago.

ID: 318629

12. Devin Lima, LFO

Apparently he’s playing guitar in bushes. He also cuts hair.

ID: 318234

11. Lance Bass, NSYNC

Lance Bass always has hot boyfriends.

ID: 317744

10. Evan Farmer, 2Gether

Apparently he hosts the Top 20 countdown on CMT.

ID: 318675

9. Ste McNally, BBMak

4th one from the right. He’s the lead singer of a band called 10 Reasons To Live.

ID: 318280

8. Howie D, BSB

Most improved.

ID: 318365

He also has a wife and kid.

ID: 318360


ID: 319153

7. Erik Michael Estrada, O-Town

Looks exactly the same.

ID: 318339

6. Nick Lachey, 98 Degrees

He hosts stuff.

ID: 318412

5. Jeff Timmons, 98 Degrees


ID: 318407

4. Christian Burns, BBMak

He’s a singer and was on X-Factor in the UK or something.

ID: 318294

3. Dan Miller, O-Town

He’s on the right. He has a beard. He’s really hot.

ID: 318327

2. Justin Timberlake, NSYNC

Apparently he’s STILL trying to be an actor. He would be number 1 if he got a haircut.

ID: 318434

1. Joey McIntyre, New Kids On The Block


ID: 318571

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