35 Pictures That Prove The Struggle Is Alive And Well


1. When you’re just trying to enjoy some sweet, sweet frozen pizza…

ID: 3071976

2. …and all you have is a hair dryer.

ID: 3078892

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080561

3. When you’re in the middle of a test and the douchebag next to you won’t give you a damn pencil…

ID: 3071898

4. …or you’re trying to eat a pint of ice cream with a FORK…

ID: 3071906

5. …or even worse, YOGURT.

ID: 3071980

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080556

6. When some asshole steals your shine…

ID: 3071930

7. …and straws. Goddamn straws screw you over every…

ID: 3071947


ID: 3071959

9. …TIME!

ID: 3072334

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080558

10. When there are no more hot dog buns…

ID: 3072006

11. …or no more bread…

ID: 3072026

12. …and the steering wheel is too dang hot.

ID: 3072055

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080589

13. When the spider gets away…

When you try to kill a spider and it gets away

— Trayvion Gordon (@TGORD22)
ID: 3081541

14. …and you have to use every bit of your strength on your toothpaste.

You know the struggle ...

— its a geordie thing. (@ConnorTheGooner)
ID: 3080948

The struggle is real.

ID: 3081571

15. When you can’t decide between three cheese or four cheese…

ID: 3072060

16. …are faced with the worst five minutes of your life…

ID: 3072070

17. …and are forced to fight a battle against your gum.

ID: 3072077

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080592

18. When you’re just trying to get a drink…

ID: 3072290

19. …or when you have to do the UNTHINKABLE to change the channel…

ID: 3072324

20. …or when you get this dreaded message.

ID: 3073031

The struggle is very real.

ID: 3080598

21. When you come home to this…

ID: 3072675

22. …when you need this many alarms to get up…

ID: 3079626

23. …and when you see these three ripples.

When Them 3 Ripples Appear, The Struggle Is Becoming Real.

— (@ClickJayJay)
ID: 3078891

The struggle is real.

ID: 3080603

24. When your breakfast looks like this…

Outdid myself this morning cereal tacos for breakfast

— Michael Uchiha (@Buckets_McNasty)
ID: 3078884

25. …and all you have are chip scraps…

The struggle to dip the last of the chips in salsa is ✌ real

— Marcus (@marcus_jones7)
ID: 3078893

26. …and you get betrayed by a frozen pizza.

ID: 3079580

The struggle is alive and well.

ID: 3080610

27. When you don’t know if it’s a handshake or a hug…

ID: 3080617

28. …or when you don’t know whether to go to bed or not…

ID: 3072984

29. …or when the cork goes and pulls something like this.

ID: 3079690

The struggle is so damn real.

ID: 3080633

30. When you have to find your shoes after a party…

The struggle is real when you have to find your shoes after a party

— Sonja Drosdowech (@sonjadros)
ID: 3078888

31. …or when your glasses look like this…

This kid taped two pencils to the side of his glasses, the struggle is real...

— Andrew Cermak (@AJcermak)
ID: 3078902

32. …or you end up having the worst luck ever.

ID: 3078913

The struggle is REAL.

ID: 3080654

33. When your car looks like this…

#TheStruggle is so real

— Tevin Hood (@THood98)
ID: 3080664

34. …and your breakfast looks like this…

The struggle is too real. We don't have any spoons so I have to drink my cereal

— Dara Buffaloe (@debuffalove)
ID: 3080663

35. …and you find yourself saying things like this.

ID: 3073146

That’s how you know that the struggle is real.

ID: 3080960

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