The Spirit Of Staten Island In 27 Pictures

Staten Island will rise again!

Staten Island was one of the areas hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy.

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Just complete, utter devastation…

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
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Lucas Jackson / Reuters
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Seth Wenig / AP
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Seth Wenig / AP
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1. But now the people of Staten Island are rebuilding.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters
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2. There are signs of hope all around.

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4. Neighbors are coming together.

Mike Segar / Reuters
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5. Volunteers are arriving to help.

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6. And cleanup has begun!

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7. People have opened up their homes.

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8. And more importantly, their bathrooms.

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9. Families are pitching in.

This picture was captioned on Instagram: “The Fleming family decided to drive around Staten Island giving out free coffee. Even that one cup of hot coffee made a big difference to people. New Yorkers are really getting on board these days by volunteering in the disaster areas. It’s a beautiful uplifting thing.”

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10. Those with power are giving it away for free.

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11. Services are being offered for free.

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12. Hot dogs and hamburgers are being grilled.

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13. Clothes are being stacked.

Midland Beach.

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14. Flags are being raised.

Keith Bedford / Reuters
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16. Supplies handed out.

Mike Segar / Reuters
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17. Memories are being found.

Mike Segar / Reuters

Kate Traina looks at a strip of photographic negatives as she joined other family members as they were salvaging items from her grandparents’ home.

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18. Pets are being reunited with their owners.

This picture was captioned: “So we’re cleaning at this house along the shore and all of the sudden we hear screaming… The family found their cat that they’ve been calling for days!”

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19. And through it all, some still have a sense of humor.

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21. So yeah, Sandy you really suck.

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22. And you broke a lot of hearts.

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23. But the people of Staten Island, along with our help, will make it.

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26. One bowl of pasta at a time.

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27. “You can take our home. But you can’t take our heart!”

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