26 Very Real Consequences Of DADT Repeal

The liberal media wants you to think that everything is fine in the military after DADT was repealed. But why have they been so silent about these VERY REAL consequences? Tell everyone you know about these issues. We will not be silenced!

1. These gay midshipmen were able to pose for this photograph.

Baltimore Sun / Getty Images
ID: 578249

2. A man posted this on Facebook.

ID: 577837

3. This couple posted a Youtube video of themselves getting married.

ID: 577787

You can watch that video here.

ID: 577786

4. These guys hugged in public.

Joe Dyer / Via
ID: 577794

5. These ladies kissed in public.

ID: 577883

6. This couple hugged and kissed in public.

David Lewis / AP
ID: 577886

7. They even made the news for it!

ID: 578174

8. This couple posted a picture of themselves after they got married on Facebook.

ID: 577911

9. This couple instagram’d a picture of themselves.

ID: 577898

10. This guy came out to his dad.

You can watch that video here.

ID: 577849

11. Jackie Decarlo went to a picnic with her partner.

ID: 577918

12. Two guys got engaged. / Via http://James%20Freeman
ID: 577953

13. Even more guys got married.

Jeff Sheng / Via
ID: 578128

14. Two guys held hands on a bed.

ID: 578037

15. These sailors marched, for the first time, in a parade.

ID: 577961

16. These ladies kissed in a parade.

ID: 578143

17. This guy wore a flag as a cape in a parade.

Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images
ID: 578262

18. This guy danced with his flag in a parade.

Sandy Huffaker / Getty Images
ID: 578269

19. Look at all those gays and their tiny flags!

ID: 578142


ID: 578186

21. Lady Gaga finally shut up.

ID: 578191

22. This guy was reinstated in the military.

ID: 578160

23. A rainbow flag was raised in Afghanistan.

ID: 578173

24. Lesbians kissed.

ID: 578200

25. More lesbians kissed.

ID: 578207

26. And this will never happen again.


ID: 578158

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