The Queen Of Carbs And Other Banner Ladies

Yes, her hat is made out of bread. And that other lady is wearing baby dolls.

The woman in this photograph is a “banner lady.”

Banner ladies modeled and were photographed in the things they sold.

The lady in this photo is advertising a bakery.

ID: 587870

Here are some other banner ladies:

ID: 588817

3. Hardware

ID: 588767

4. Blacksmith

ID: 588779

5. Electric light bulbs

ID: 588782

6. Bed springs

ID: 588788

7. Golden Rule Bazaar

(yes, those are baby dolls)

ID: 588809

8. A photographer

ID: 588816

9. Jewelry

ID: 588823

10. Harnesses

ID: 588829

11. Laundry

ID: 588830

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